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Every body is a bikini body

I personally never have really enjoyed buying new swimwear as I've always felt uncomfortable and self-conscious - especially in the harsh light of changing rooms. As I've grown older I have tried to put aside my body insecurities and focus on enjoying the beach, easier said than done I know! 

When I started thinking about building a swimwear brand it was important for me to design swimwear for real people and represent most body shapes. At ULU, we believe that every body is beautiful and want to empower confidence when you wear our product. Our brand was founded for real bodies and all of designs are made with YOU in mind. Designing our range has been a collaborative process; we’ve invested time in understanding what real women want, how they choose their swimwear and what makes each of them comfortable. When you wear our swimwear we want you to feel confident, happy and ready to hit the beach. 

We want to promote body positivity, focusing on how incredible your body is rather than what it looks like. We are so much more than our looks - we put our body through it's paces whether that be from sport, giving life to a child, creating art and so much more. Next time you are buying new swimsuit instead of focusing on how you feeling in front of the mirror try to focus on the feeling of being in the ocean, or surrounded by friends on the beach or swimming in a pool. I have found that by thinking on how much fun and enjoyment I'll get from the activity I do in the swimwear, rather than how my body looks, has turned buying swimwear into a much more positive experience. 


“Body confidence can mean different things for different people but the consensus is that it's essentially challenging one's self to accept (and eventually love) who you are today, just as you are, instead of the visceral need for “perfection” (Mervyn Reid-Nelson).


We've been told by magazines, social media and fashion brands what "normal" or "perfect" should look like. With nearly 70 million people in the UK, 33 million of which identify as women, there is no way that we can all fit that mould*. We need to embrace our individuality, our passions and our creativity instead. 

My journey to self-acceptable has been a long one and is still going. I didn't truly feel comfortable in my own skin until I went travelling - with a carry-on mini suitcase I didn’t have the luxury of straighteners, nice body creams and fancy make-up. And nor did I need that stuff. I ended up travelling for four months, from living in a caravan in wild France, to a tent on the beach in Portugal and more hostels than I can count. The only thing I was thinking of was how to have as much fun as I could and how many places could I visit. Liberated from the need to apply make-up and find a plug for my straightens, I found that life was more simple and a lot more fun! I met so many wonderful people who were so eye opening and inspiring - and it was personality, humour and spirt which made my trip so memorable. Since coming back to real life in the city it has been harder to maintain my newly found free sprit but I finally feel comfortable not wearing make up or straightening my hair. It has been a long time coming and everyone has a different journey but it is an important lesson. Embracing body positivity and using my voice through the brand is something I am very passionate about. We are all so unique and wonderful, we deserve to let ourselves shine rather than hold ourselves back by our looks and self-consciousness. 

 Body confidence / body positivity / sustainable swimwear / ulu swim and surf


When you shop at ULU Swim and Surf we promise:

- Never use photoshop or any other editing tools on our models

- Our swimwear is modelled on our founder and customers 

- We only use high quality fabric which is body-hugging and lined for additional support

- Smooth seams that won't dig into you skin

- Some styles with adjustable straps

- Fits comfortably under a wetsuit, no ties or clasps at the front or uncomfortable embellishments


ULU Swim and Surf / Sustainable swimwear / Sustainable bikini top / 100% recycled fabric / hot pink



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* statistics from 2019

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