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Our top 10 everyday sustainable swaps

I love being out in nature, whether that be swimming in the ocean, walking in the mountains or just a being in park in London. It makes me so sad to see beautiful areas spoilt by plastic waste littered around these incredible places. Plastic pollution is a huge problem - every year 270 million tonnes of plastic is produced in the world, with 8 million tonnes of that entering the ocean. Plastic has been built to be sturdy which is great for packaging but not so great when it comes to disposal. Unfortunately the plastic that enters the ocean stays there for hundreds of years which causes lots of problems for marine line. Plastic can float at the surface which can trap animals, mixing with the sand and reef in shallow waters and some of it is even being eaten by animals who think it is food. As someone who loves being by the sea I feel particularly connected to this issue and can see first hand the problem.  

At ULU Swim and Surf we are committed to being sustainable from start to finish, and not using plastic in our supply chain. We are making a big effort to be more sustainable in our daily lives as well so we've collated some everyday sustainable swaps that you can do at home! We've collected our top 10 sustainable products we've tried and tested - we'd love to hear from you in the comments section about what sustainable products you are using!

Plastic-free deodorant

We were on the hunt for a plastic-free deodorant for a while and we were recommended several. We eventually landed on Wild, a natural (and effective), aluminium-free deodorant which comes with plastic free, compostable refills. Designed to last, we love the re-usable case and your all-natural refills are delivered straight to your door in a variety of different scents.  

ULU Swim and Surf // Plastic free deodorant WILD

Shampoo and conditioner bars

We love the Nuddy Shampoo bars. They come in super cute packaging and are totally plastic free! A poll in 2020 found that in the UK a typically family uses about 215 plastic haircare bottles a year with only 60% of this being recycled. Swapping out plastic bottles for bars is far more eco-friendly and no recycling needed!

ULU Swim and Surf // Plastic free shampoo bars Nuddy

Make-up remover pads 

We have been using reusable make-up remover pads for ages and they are fantastic. Not only do they cut back on waste but saves you a lot of money too! Simply use as you would cotton pads but instead of throwing in the bin just pop them in the washing machine when you do your next load of laundry. There are many different brands to choose from but we like these ones by Bambaw which are sold in Boots. They also can be used to remove nail varnish too!

ULU Swim and Surf // Reusable makeup remover pads Bambaw


I am obsessed with lipbalm so I've been seeking out a lipbalm that doesn't come in plastic. At the moment I am loving the Burts Bees range that come in a nice (recyclable) tin. Next time you're in Boots just check the back of the packet and try to buy one that is in a tin or jar which can be recycled. 

ULU Swim and Surf // Natural lip balm - Burts Bees


We were shocked when we were researching sustainable shaving foam and razors how little choice there was. We know that shaving is very personal and lots of people have sensitive skin so getting the right razor is important. The closest we have found is Estrid - the handle is designed to last and made from steel, the soothing strips are vegan and a proportion of their profits go to supporting women and gender equality. We love the quality of this razor but are still looking for a more eco-friendly shaving foam. We are currently using soap bars but we'd love to hear from any of our readers who have found a good sustainable shaving foam!

ULU Swim and Surf // Estrid razors

Face cleanser 

We have always loved the Body Shop for their ethical and sustainable policies. Their Return.Recycle.Repeat scheme allows you to return all your empty tubs, tubes, jars and pots in store for them to recycle and repurpose! We love this face cleanser which has been a solid staple in our bathroom for a while now. It removes make-up effortlessly and my face always feel so soft after using it. It comes in lovely tin that is 100% recyclable! 

ULU Swim and Surf // Body Shop Make Up Remover

Reusable water bottles

We know that it is easy to grab a bottle of water when you're on the go and thirsty but invest in a cute, reusable water bottle and you'll never go back to plastic. We love Ocean Bottle, great durable water bottles that have a solid commitment to reducing plastic and protecting the oceans. Their goal is to collect 80 million kgs of plastic (equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles) by 2025 - and we are all about supporting them with this!

ULU Swim and Surf // Reusable water bottle - Ocean bottle

Smol laundry products

We swapped our traditional laundry detergent for smol a few years ago and love it. Great laundry detergent delivered to your door in plastic free packaging - what is not to love. Their capsules use lower levels of chemicals per wash, are cruelty free and the packaging is made from sustainable materials which are 100% recyclable.

ULU Swim and Surf // Eco-friendly laundry capsules - smol

Reusable ear buds

We bought one of these a few years ago when we went travelling and have never gone back to disposable cotton swabs! We love the Last Swab one which comes in a corn-based carry case. One end is textured and the other smooth so is very versatile! 

ULU Swim and Surf // Reusable ear buds Last Swap

Who gives a crap toilet paper

Cutting down trees to make toilet paper seems crazy to us especially seeing as we can recycle paper! Who gives a crap uses 100% recycled paper and it is completely natural - no dyes, scents or ink! Get it delivered straight to your door with carbon neutral shipping and no plastic in sight.

ULU Swim and Surf // 100% recycled toilet paper - Who gives a crap



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