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Spotlight on our 100% recycled fabric

We love our 100% recycled fabric and want to shout about it from the rooftops. Rather than doing that we are dedicating this blog post to it instead. We use two different fabrics, from REPREVE and Carvico, for our swimwear which we will explore in this post. Not only does the process of making these recycled fabrics remove waste from our oceans and landfill, which has a positive environmental impact, they are also high performance fabrics and great for swimwear. It was important to us that we use high quality, durable fabrics that are suitable for surfing and water sports. 

ULU Swim and Surf sustainable swimsuit made from ECONYL


ECONYL® yarn is made from nylon waste and, through a regeneration process, creates a recycled nylon fibre. It is the same quality as brand new nylon but is infinitely recyclable and is at the forefront of the circular fashion industry. We use this yarn in our aqua, navy and black ribbed styles, and our pink and blue smooth styles.

Step 1 - Rescue

The regeneration process starts with rescuing plastic waste, such as, old fishing nets, scraps of carpet fibres and industrial rubbish. They sort through the waste and clean it to ensure that all of the nylon is extracted.

Step 2 - Regenerate

Through an innovative process that purifies and regenerates, the waste nylon is transformed back to its original quality.

Step 3 - Remake

The ECONYL® nylon is then spun into a yarn which can then be used for textiles (such as our sustainable swimsuits and bikinis!)

Step 4 - Reimagine

Step 4 is where brands like us come in. We use the regenerated ECONYL® nylon to create new products that are loved and worn by our customers. Collectively these styes have saved 35 KG of nylon waste, 50% post-consumer waste (fishing nets and carpet fluff) and 50% pre-consumer waste (industrial scraps). 

ULU Swim and Surf // ECONYL 100% recycled fabric used in our swimwear


REPREVE takes old plastic bottles destined for landfill and transforms them into an incredible performance fibre. Other than repurposing waste into something useful, recycling existing resources decreases greenhouse gas emissions, reduces the amount of petroleum used and conserves energy and water compared to creating new virgin fibre. Did you know that by 2020 they saved 20 million plastic water bottles from going into landfill? Their aim to is recycle 30 million by 2030 - and we are proud to support them in their mission! We use REPREVE in our black smooth fabric.


ULU Swim and Surf // REPREVE 100% recycled fabric


We recommend hand washing your swimwear in cold water. All plastic based fibres (even recycled fabric like REPREVE and ECONYL®) release small micro-plastics into the water when washed in a machine. These get released into our oceans, drinking water and onto the land. We want to be part of the solution and ensure that when you shop our products you minimise the environmental impact! We put our synthetics in a bag, like these ones from Guppyfriend, that capture the micro-plastics instead of letting them seep into our water supply. These bags protect your clothes and reduce the amount of fibre shed during the wash.

ULU Swim and Surf // Microplastics entering the water supply - GUPPY BAG

Taking plastic out of the ocean for you to wear in the ocean

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