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Surfing and Yoga: The perfect combo

ULU Swim and Surf // Kukui yoga retreats


We've partnered with KUKUI to bring you all things yoga and surf, from retreats to yoga tips for you to do at home.

KUKUI was named after a nut tree (also known as “tree of light”) which was brought to Hawaii by the Polynesians centuries ago. Their mission is to create adventures in magical places around the globe and give you an unforgettable experience. 

Surfing demands a lot from your body and yoga is brilliant for loosening up the body after (or before) your session. KUKUI has shared with us their favourite yoga poses that focus on opening the chest, stretching out the spine and lengthening out your hamstrings. Surfing can leave your body feeling tight and stiff so even five minutes of yoga can help relieve soreness!


ULU Swim and Surf

1. Downward dog

Downward dog is synominous with yoga and whilst it is a pose that most people are familiar with it is still a great one start with. Downward dog has many different benefits including relieving back pain, stretching out your shoulders and lengthening out your legs. Make sure you keep your weight in your legs and push your hips high. If your hamstrings are feeling tight bend your knees a little and walk out your feet!

2. Triangle 

We love the triangle pose as it helps re-centres our balance, improves flexibility and opens up our chest and shoulders. If you're feeling tight and it's uncomfortable then bend your knees slightly and rest your hand on your thigh or shin. You want to focus on stretching out your body and do what is comfortable.

3. Cat-cow

This movement back and forth warms up the body and stretches you out. Spinal extensions are great to both stretch and strengthen your back and we recommend keeping this up even after your surf trip!  

4. Cobra

Lie on your front and with your hands under your chest press up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, opening the chest and stretching out the shoulders. This is great to stretch you out after a session but also good practise for when you are pushing up off the board. 

5. Spinal twist

This is a great position to improve torso mobility and stretch out the shoulders blades. After spending the afternoon paddling out on the surf board we know how tight your upper body can feel and this stretch is up there as one of our favourites! Lie on your back and carefully.


Last summer I spent two weeks at a surf and yoga camp, and fell in love with the magic of the place. If you're looking for a surf and yoga retreat for this summer we would high recommend KUKUI! Think delicious food, great people and days spent doing yoga and surfing. What more is to love? 

ULU Swim and Surf // Kukui Surf and Yoga


What to expect at a Kukui surf and yoga retreat 

- Comfortable, intimate and private accommodations reserved for retreat members

- Healthy, nourishing and delicious home cooked meals

- Surf & Yoga lessons adapted to all levels. Beginners are more than welcome!

- Evening workshops: mindful eating, group meditations, natural cosmetics... and much more

- Beautiful surroundings ideal to connect with nature

- Lots of fun while meeting a tribe of inspiring souls


ULU Swim and Surf // KUKUI surf retreat


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