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5 things we can do to be more sustainable

"Eco-anxiety" is a phrase that has become more common over the last few years and it can be daunting for individuals to understand where to start. My personal goal for 2021 was to live more sustainably and I wanted to share 5 things that I have been doing over the last few months. 

Go plastic free

I set myself a challenge in January to have a plastic free bathroom and only buy eco-friendly and plastic free products. This has been slower than expected as I've had lots of products to use up, but I have really enjoyed researching plastic free brands! One of the top products that I was recommended is the natural deodorant from Lush and the incredible shampoo bars from Concentr8ted. Why not take this challenge a step further and invest in Concentr8ted eco-bars to be used in the kitchen, including for dishes and surfaces! For more sustainable swaps check out our blog post.

ULU Swim and Surf // Concentr8ed eco bars

Buy from sustainable brands

Do your research and look for brands that have a positive social and environmental impact. By choosing to spend your money with brands who have sustainability credentials rather than your fast fashion, unsustainable brands, you are forcing them to listen and respond if they want to keep their market share. We recommend looking up their sustainability and CSR goals on their website. If you can't find anything it may be time to find a new favourite brand. Be warned that brands are still using greenwashing tactics - look out for products that are labelled as sustainable yet still use significant amount of plastic, are disposable, use a significant amount of packing or are made in an unethical factory. These are just some points to consider but there are lots more! Check out our sustainability commitments

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Before you buy something ask yourself if you really need it. Everything we buy has an environmental impact, from the materials, pollution emitted in production and packaging. If you do need it then look to see if you could buy it second hand or invest in a high quality item that you'll use for years to come! It is also important to look at the packaging and shipping when making a purchase decision. Livia Firth has promoted the #30wears movement on social, “the biggest message is every time you buy something, always think, ‘will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?’ If the answer is yes, then buy it”. I absolutely love this and try to ask myself this every time I go to buy something new. We recommend checking out the Deliciously Ella podcast for more information around this!

Always carry a tote bag

Tote bags are not only cute and easier to carry your shopping in (no more plastic digging into your hands on the walk home!), they are also much better for the environment. By simply remembering to carry a tote bag you are automatically cutting a lot of plastic waste out of your life. We are loving these mesh shopping bags from Oliver Bonas.

ULU Swim and Surf // Oliver Bonas tote bag

Go veggie

Whilst I appreciate not everyone is going to become vegetarian or vegan over night, reducing meat from your diet is a great place to start in reducing your carbon emissions. Perhaps set yourself the challenge to eat vegetarian on weekdays or to cook more local fresh food. Cooking at home, especially during lockdown, has been a great source of joy for me and I've invested in some great (secondhand) vegetarian cookbooks to keep me motivated!


Our promise

At ULU Swim and Surf we promise to make every effort to be sustainable from start to finish - from our product which is made from 100% recycled and sustainable material, the packaging which is bio-degradable and the responsible suppliers that we work with. Our swimwear is built to last and we hope that you will love and wear them for years to come! Read all about our sustainability promise


We would love to hear from our customers, or potential customers, what would you like to see from us? Please comment below with any questions, queries or comments!

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