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Tips on how to travel responsibly

We love travelling and exploring new places, and now travel is staring to open up it is important that we do so responsibly. In today's blog post we look at our top tips on how you can travel responsibly and minimise your environmental footprint! We'd love to hear from you and what you do to travel in a sustainable way in the comments below.

Travel Locally 

Did you know that a flight from London to Rome emits just under 250KG of C02 (The Guardian 2019)? So why not skip the flight and book a staycation closer to home? There are some incredible places in the UK - we particularly love the South of England, especially Devon and Cornwall, and there are lot's of great places within 2 hours of London which are also worth checking out. Recently we've been exploring West Witting, Rye, Kent and Hastings - and we recommend you do to! We've been loving the unique and unusual places listed on cool stays and canopy & stars - think treehouse in the forest, lighthouses, glamping and much more!

Support Local Businesses

As tempting as it is to dive into the nearest Starbucks or McDonalds (and let's be honest we've all been there at some point) it's great to support small businesses! We love asking locals for their opinion on the best spots and exploring places a little bit off the beaten path. Do your research before going out and keep you eye on the places that look busy with locals - it tends to be a good sign!

Bring What You Need

It’s easy to just grab all your toiletries at the airport and then leave them behind when your holiday is over. It is not just incredibly wasteful but also leaves the country that you've just visited to deal with your rubbish. Lot's of countries that you visit won't have the management system in place to deal with it - Google the dedicated rubbish island in the Maldives if you aren't sure what I'm talking about! If you have to leave stuff behind can you donate it to a local charity or give it to a fellow traveller - lots of hostels will have a 'leave behind basket'. If you have to buy new why don't you invest in a cute (glass) mini set which you can re-fill time again!  

Choose Sustainable Activities

Do your research ahead of booking tours or activities and try to look for a sustainable option. Just because you can do it doesn't mean it won't harm the environment or the local people. This includes tours that allow a hands on experience with wildlife which often can be really detrimental to the animals welfare and can spread disease too. 

Stay in eco-friendly accommodation

We love finding eco-friendly places to stay that have sustainability at the heart of their business. Often you'll find these places a little off the beaten path and surrounded by nature. You've probably heard us talk about Dreamsea surf camp before but we love their ethos - did you know everything can be taken down after a season leaving nothing behind? Costa Rica has been the poster destination for eco-tourism, devoting around 26% of its land to national parks and wildlife reserves. Part of their success has been driven by business who are committed to educating tourists and providing a great experience without damaging the land and depleting natural resources. So next time you are booking a trip why don't you look out for companies who promote their sustainability ethos and are transparent. 

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Pick Up Your Litter

It is so sad to see beautiful beaches spoilt by plastic and rubbish so make sure all of your trash is put in the bin - even better if you spot a bit of rubbish you can do you bit and pick it up! Lot's of hotels will do a beach clean up activity - your reward will be a free beer - so why don't you get involved and have fun doing it! 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

We know that not all emissions are avoidable no matter how hard you try! The good news is that many companies are letting you offset your emissions when you book travel - so next time you researching your next holiday and booking flights remember to check that offset button! If you don't see this option then you can offset your emissions via the UN offset platform (link below). 

Use Public Transport

It is estimated that if you take the train rather than a car for a medium length journey you can save a staggering 80% in emissions (Our World in Data, 2020). Yes we know road trips are exciting but have you ever had a train picnic - think cocktails in a can and lots of mini snacks! Plus the train is far more fun for the designated driver. Buses are also a great way to travel abroad and often you can find overnight buses if you're traveling a long way (we recommend brining an eye mask and mini pillow if you're planning this)! 

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