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Upcycling, resale and rental: How can fashion be more sustainable?

Every year about 50 million* tonnes of textile waste ends up in landfill, and this number is only getting bigger with the culture of fast fashion and rock bottom prices. 

Most of the clothes that are discarded are thrown away, not because they are damaged or worn out, but because trends have changed. So how can we fix this throw-away culture and save millions of nearly new clothes from entering landfill? In today's blog post we've looked at a few companies that are pioneering the upcycling, recycling and rental movement in the fashion industry.

Fix That Shirt

Fix That Shirt believes that a lot of clothing can be either restyled or upcycled according to changing trends to prevent it going to landfill. So next time you are going out to buy a new dress or pair of trousers think back to what you have in your wardrobe already. Could you upcycle something instead? Fix That Shirt provides easy upcycling in three simple steps to help people increase the lifespan of their wardrobe.

Step 1: 

Choose from their varied service based on the item you want to upcycle - repair, fitting and re-design. 

Repair is great for those items you love but may have worn out due to wear. Fitting is perfect for those too long trousers or loose dress. Re-design is for great quality items that you want to convert so they are inline with the latest trends.  

Step 2:

Choose from their talent pool of 'Fixers', from design school students to people who have years of sewing experience. 

Step 3: 

Chat, discuss and negotiate with you 'Fixer' so that your item is restyled or renewed based on your needs. 

ULU Swim and Surf // Fix That ShirtULU Swim and Surf // Fix That ShirtULU Swim and Surf // Fix That Shirt


Re-fashion makes it easy for you to donate your unwanted clothes. They will send you a cute bag which you simply fill up and return to them via post for free when it's full. They resell your clothes on their platform and the funds they raise go directly to sustainable causes. Their mission is to eliminate clothes waste and to promote closing the loop. 

So next time you are clearing out your closet instead of throwing clothes away or taking them to textile recycling why not send them off to re-fashion? It will help you declutter and raise money for great causes!

ULU Swim and Surf // re-fashion



The HUUR collective is a platform for luxury fashion rental. Instead of conforming to the traditional liner model of make -> use -> dispose, HUUR collective is making fashion more sustainable and accessible through renting and lending. HURR allows women to share their wardrobe securely and has built a community around luxury fashion. Within seconds lenders are connected with renters and HURR securely facilitates the transactions. 

When you are next looking for a dress for a wedding or for a luxury handbag for an event, instead of buying an item you may only use once try HURR and rent it instead. Not only does this prevent the item going to waste but it will also save you money!

ULU Swim and Surf // HURR


Lots of resale platforms have emerged recently including Depop and Vinted. The RealReal is also a great resale platform for high quality designer items.

We personally love and use Depop to buy second hand clothing and sell our unwanted clothes. Depop is a fashion market place which aims to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful. With a global community buying and selling, unwanted clothes has never been so easy. 

ULU Swim and Surf // Depop


Our Promise

Our mission is to be as sustainable as possible and highlight the issues within the fashion industry including waste, pollution, over-consumption and, the exploitation of humans and the environment. At ULU Swim and Surf we aim to be sustainable from start to finish - from the suppliers we work with, what are swimwear is made from and our packaging. 

We would love to hear from our customers, or potential customers, what would you like to see from us? Please comment below with any questions, queries or comments!








Image from: elle.com/fashion/amp29536207/rental-fashion-sustainability

* vogue.com/article/sustainability-2020s-circular-fashion-textile-recycling

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