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About Us

Our Vision

ULU was created with a vision; we want to create affordable, sustainable swimwear for surfers and watersports lovers all over the world.

Our brand strives to be inclusive; it’s all about feeling empowered to try something new, feeling confident and doing what makes you happy. We want to promote body positivity and focus on how incredible your body is rather than what it looks like.

All our swimwear is designed to be comfortable when surfing or doing water sports - no embellishments, uncomfortable clasps, super soft fabric and durable - yet flattering and stylish.

Sustainability is at the heart of our vision, we want to minimise our environmental footprint and ensure we are not contributing to the pollution and waste problem. We are proud to be a climate positive business - read more about our carbon offset program and how we have achieved this.

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Our Story

Our founder, Juliet, set up the brand in the summer of 2020, inspired by her own experience in the surfing community. Juliet quickly realised swimwear options were incredibly limited, very expensive and rarely sustainably made.

Our brand name originates from Uluwatu, a famous surfers paradise in Bali. After working in London since graduating, Juliet took the chance to travel and learn a new skill, this is when she embarked on her travels. All of our colours, fabrics and brand image are inspired by the beautiful places Juliet has visited across the world and the people she has met along the way.

The swimwear is designed specifically with surfers and watersports enthusiasts in mind. We know when you're in the ocean, whether you're on a board or in a boat, you want swimwear that provides enough coverage, is durable and fits comfortably under a wetsuit or lifejacket. Our designs are based on real bodies, we want everyone who wears ULU to feel confident, empowered and comfortable. 


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Come say hi @uluswimandsurf or drop us an email at hello@uluswimandsurf.com. We'd love to hear from you!


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