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Our Packaging

- Minimal packaging to reduce waste.

- Wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper.

- Delivered in sustainably sourced, compostable bag. Our mailers are made from corn and leave no harmful residue once they breakdown.  

- Shipping carbon emissions are offset by investing in an UN verified renewable energy project.

- For every 200 orders a tree is planted in an area that requires reforestation.

ULU Swim and Surf // Sustainable packaging // compostable bag


 How should I dispose of my packaging?


How to dispose of a compostable bag / ULU Swim and Surf / Sustainable swimwear

1. Place the tissue paper and tags in the recycling bin

2. Re-use the silica gel packets (we have to use these in our packaging to prevent mould or spoiling due to humidity/damp).

  • De-fog your car window by putting them on the dashboard or even put them on the windowsills in your house to prevent condensation
  • If you have pets you can tape the packet to the lid to prevent the food from going soggy
  • Make your own air freshner by opening the packet and cover the beads with essential oils. Add dried flowers to make it more decorative! 
  • Dropped your phone in the bath? Instead of using rice to dry our your electronics fill a bowl with the silica gel beads and leave your device in over night!

    3. Compost your mailer (at home or industrially), re-use your bag or send it back to us. Please do not dispose of your mailer in the recycling bin as this will contaminate your recycling. Here are some of our suggestions:

    • Once you are finished with your mailer you can just put it in the soil and it'll be gone in 6 months without any harmful residue. We recommend cutting the bag into smaller pieces so that it breaks down faster. Use around flower beds or round potted plants as plant food!
    • Our Mailers are equipped with a secure seal and a double adhesive feature that allows them to be re-used. Use your mailers again for returns, posting items or even storage (ie. shoes when you travel or add one to your sports bag for your damp swimwear).
    • Use your compostable mailer as a liner for your food waste bin. The bag will be composted along with the food waste by the council.
    • Add to your compost heap or hot compost bins.

    Please do not litter – while our compostable packaging will breakdown they won't when discarded in the environment!


    What are the benefits of compostable packaging?

    Composting is a form of recycling and helps return nutrients return to the soil. Compost is widely used to help nourish soil (ie. plant food) and helps with soil structure and quality. Composting our packaging reduces waste and has the added benefit of returning the resources back to the land.



    Our mailer is made from bio-based polymer PBAT and a plant based polymer PLA (corn). 

    International: Home Compostable (EN13432) and Commercially Compostable (EN13432)

    Read more about our sustainability promise here