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About Our Swimwear

Update your swimwear and surfing collection with our latest sustainable swimsuits, rash guards and bikinis. We have a wide variety of fits, styles and colours to suit any activity. Mix and match our bikini tops and bottoms for a style to suit you.  
Each piece has been named after an inspiring woman in Juliet’s life and embodies their lifestyle, personality and style. Designing the range has been a collaborative process; we’ve invested time in understanding what real women want, how they choose their swimwear and what makes each of them comfortable.  
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ULU was founded for real people and bodies. All of designs are made with YOU in mind, we want you to feel comfortable, confident and inspired when you wear our swimwear. We promise that we do not use photoshop or any other editing tools on our models - we want to promote body positivity and focus on how incredible your body is rather than what it looks like!
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