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Our People

Our swimwear is made with eco-friendly fabric, but we want our whole business to be sustainable from start to finish. We believe that sustainability should encompass social aspects and we only work with ethical suppliers who have high standards of care for their workers, families and community. We are a big believer of transparency and you can be confident that our products are fully traceable and making a difference on a local level.


ULU Swim and Surf: Our people

- All of our swimwear is made in Indonesia.

- Employees are paid above minimum wage & double for over-time.

- Safe working conditions for those producing our swimwear.

- Free medical insurance for all employees and their family including their spouse and up to 3 children.

- Ethical treatment of employees.

- Leftover fabric is donated to local charities who use it to make saleable goods and raise money for those in need. 

- Partnership with the Bali Street Mums charity and monthly donations to help support women and children who are homeless and living in poverty. Learn more about the Bali Street Mum project.

Read more about our sustainability promise here